Okay, so here are all the basic rules.

No cussing or major swearing is allowed. Minor things such as omg, crap, things like that, are allowed, though.

Spamming is also against the rules. On special days, Koalala101 might make a one or two day only spamming for fun thread, but other than that, no spamming in chat or threads is allowed.

Please show respect to other users.

Mods, Admins, etc; please do not kick or ban for fun. Kicking is when a player has cussed or is being dispespectful. Banning is over-doing things like the ones mentioned above, and harrasing others.

Please do not make fanon pages. These are pages that are created for people's own personal comments and such. Please start a disscusion thread to have personal comments.

Please pay attention and obey these rules to have a great time in this Wiki!